Female Personal Trainer &                      female kiteschool

Personal Training in Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Surfing

"Female Surf Sports" does not only mean that surf sports for females are different. It also means that the female way of teaching is different. We learn with different priorities to men and we use different techniques that take into account our female bodies. Understanding, empathy and essential tips from one woman to another make my coaching different. I’ll teach you all watersports at your own pace in a safe and stress-free environment.


With the same philosophy I do my Personal Training,  where men are equally welcome and do profit the same from my tuition style and knowledge. 

No mater on what level you are training, with me you learn and improve your favourite watersport individually, flexible and efficient!


KITESURFING is all about technique and multitasking, the equipment is light and easy to handle and does not require strong muscles what makes it an ideal watersport for women.


WINDSURFING is physically more demanding because of the more bulky equipment but with the right instruction and some tricks you

learn how to use the wind in your favour.

Surfing & SUP

SURFING & SUP - Stand up paddling - are the perfect alternatives on low wind days and pure fun from the first moment. No matter if you’re riding your first whitewater or surfing the green wave – the feeling of gliding on a wave is simply fantastic. 

YOUR female Watersports-Instructor IN TARIFA

Judy Alexander

VDWS Kiteboarding Instructor 

VDWS Windsurfing Instructor 

ISA Surf Instructor

SLSGB Surf Coach Safety & Rescue (beach lifesaver)

15 years of teaching experience

German, English, Spanish, French

in TARIFA / Andalucia / Spanien