All prices are understood per person, all equipment and school liability insurance included.

Private lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient type of coaching for those who want maximum learning progress within shortest time or simply enjoy a 100% personalized training. 

Additional headset communication in Kitesurf lessons give you a plus in safety & confidence out on the water, allowing you to train independently but receiving a feedback just the moment you need it.


Private lessons are 100% tailored to your needs & skills, therefore it's the fastest way of learning at any riding level. One-to-one coaching is also extremely useful when learning or struggling with a key maneuver or being somehow stuck in the learning progress. This applies to any sports.

Private lesson incl. Equipment


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Semi-private lessons

Ideal for couples or friends who want to share their learning experience and feedback yet getting an individual and intense assistance by your instructor.


In semi-private kitesurf tuition two student are sharing one kite until both have enough level to be working independently on one kite each. Sharing a kite at the beginning helps to reflect and correct your own techniques by watching your kite partner while you profit from a little rest. In semi-private Windsurf and Surf tuition each student is practicing on a gear of his own. You can also book semi-private as single person and I will pool you with another student on a similar level.

Kiting / Windsurfing


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Surfing / SUP


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Group lesson

Nice option for friends to dip into surf sport sharing your learning experience and having a good time with your buddies.


In Windsurfing, Surfing and SUP group lessons are totally fine at beginner to intermediate level and bring good learning progress.


In Kitesurfing one instructor is taking care of max. 4 students on 2 kites for safety reasons. So in kiting group teaching is okay at very beginner levels but stop being efficient when it comes to the more complex exercises water start and riding. Therefore I only offer Kitesurfing group lessons on request of families or friends as the first taster session.

Kiting/ Windsurfing


Prices and Terms & Conditions of of the school I work with apply


Surfing / SUP


Prices and Terms & Conditions of of the school I work with apply 

However, if you're not sure what type of lesson will suit you you'll find more details about contents and procedures of my Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing and SUP lessons on the corresponding pages. Of course I will also provide individual offers on request.

No matter with which coaching you start, you are always free to swap between private and semi-private lessons. We will always find the best solution for the day and the conditions.

For advanced Kiters I do offer additional coaching like supervised training, spot guiding etc. and you'll get a discount if you use your own equipment.

Also if you want to come kitesurfing with a group of friends or your family just let me know. I'm happy to give you individual proposals anytime on request.