Surfing isn’t just a fantastic sport on his own but also the perfect alternative for all Kiters and Windsurfers on no-wind-days.

In the beginning we use big soft boards and learn to catch the whitewater of the broken wave close to the beach. With more experience we start paddling into the lineup learning to surf the “green” non broken wave. No matter how you catch your first wave - the feeling of gliding on a wave is a unique sensation and great fun at any level.


Another point in SURF COACHING is to understand and learn to handle waves and currents. This knowledge isn’t only important for surfers it’s also very useful whenever you go kiting or windsurfing in wavy conditions and will help you to simply feel more save in the ocean.



EXPERIENCE: None or little Surfing experience.

WHAT YOU LEARN: Safety introduction (equipment, waves, currents), paddle the whitewater wave, take off.

COACHING: Group, semi-private or private lessons.



EXPERIENCE: few days of surfing experience, safe take off on whitewater

WHAT YOU LEARN: paddling into the line up, turtle roll, sitting on the board, turning around, paddle the green wave, take off on the green wave

COACHING: group, semi-private or private



EXPERIENCE:  few weeks of surfing experience, safe take off and surfing the green wave on softboard / minimalibu

WHAT YOU LEARN: riding a shortboard, duckdive, first maneuvres (bottom turn, top turn etc.)

COACHING:  semi-private or private



All surf lessons are calculated as 2h sessions. Depending on the conditions they can be done around Tarifa or combined with an excursion as half day or whole day surftrips to other nearby surfspots. The Surfing and SUP lessons and excursions will only be planned on no-wind days or if there are no Kitesurfing lesson scheduled for the same day.


LEARN Stand up Paddling - SUP

SUP - Stand up paddling – is one of the most versatile surf sports and is used in all kinds of conditions and disciplines. You can do excursions along the endless beaches, use it as your daily fitness program, have racing competitions on flat water, catch some waves or even do yoga on it. SUP offers innumerable activities from easy to challenging. The key point about SUP is that really everybody can learn to stand up and paddle on these oversize surfboards within shortest time. It’s a joint-friendly full body workout improving your balance skills and another fun alternative on low wind days.


You don't need any experience for stand-up paddling. After a short introduction you are able to paddle along the coast and enjoy a walk on water. Depending on the conditions you can choose between relaxed flatwater excursions or having fun trying to catch some small waves. Most SUP lessons can be done around Tarifa or also combined with a half day or full day surf / SUP trip to other nearby surfspots.